4 Great Dishes to Cook



4 Great Dishes to Cook

bacMacaroni and Cheese With Bacon

One of the best and top on the list of great dishes to cook is the macaroni and cheese. All you need to know is the recipe for a standard or classic Mac and cheese dish. You need a recipe to that will help you make it creamy, cheesy and straightforward and by the time you are done, this meal will knock your socks off.  The traditional macaroni and cheese is basically a casserole baked in the oven which can incorporate other ingredients like bread crumbs.

The ingredients:  required to make this great dish are macaroni or any pasta, butter,  flour, salt, dry mustard, black pepper,  smoked paprika, 2% milk and grated medium cedar cheese.

Bake time for a good Mac and cheese meal should be about 25 minutes and it can be served with individual toppings of sliced or chopped bacon if desired.

Baked Potatoes

Potatoes are usually underestimated in homes but it is one of the greatest dishes to cook. It is a rich source of potassium and the skin is high in fiber which is needed for gastric motility. A baked potato has a fluffy inside and a crispy skin and can be served with fillings such as cheese or butter. You can decide to discard of the skin once you are done baking the potato. If not, you can enjoy the taste and texture of the crispy skin.

The ingredients: Two floury potatoes, olive oil, vegetable oil or butter, flaked sea salt or coarse salt.

The preparation time is usually less than 30 minutes and the cooking time takes about 1 to 2 hours if the serving is for two.

Roast Turkey

This is one of the most commonly cooked foods especially in the United States and Canada as it is a traditional dish for thanksgiving. Roasted turkey is a good meal to offer at your dining table, it is very tasty and it all depends on the stuffing you choose. Turkey contains a very good amount of protein per ounce.

The ingredients required to make a good roast turkey: a 15lb turkey, lemon juice, salt and pepper, melted butter or olive oil, peeled or quartered yellow onion, carrots, parsley, fresh rosemary and thyme, top and bottoms of a bunch or celery.

The preparation time usually takes about 15 minutes and the cooking time can be as much as 4 hours. You can also make turkey gravy out of the drippings from the meat.

splitSplit Pea Soup with Carrot Garnish

One of the great dishes to cook during the fall or winter period is a split pea soup. The soup is basically made from dried pea and has different variations. It has almost every nutrient required by the body to function well.

The ingredients required to make a standard split pea soup: 2 cups of dried split peas, 2 quarts cold water, 1 pound ham bone, 1 thinly sliced onions, half teaspoon salt, half teaspoon ground black pepper, one pinch of dried marjoram, 3 chopped stalks of celery, 3 chopped carrots and one diced potato.

The preparation time is 15 minutes and the cooking time is about 2 hours. The serving for this recipe is for 6 to 8 persons.